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Returning to the office after teleworking

In mid-March, work at Parafina Comunicación's offices in Madrid and Barcelona came to a halt.

Fernanda Oliva
Senior Account Manager

Fortunately, we are an events agency, used to working where the event is and, technically, we were able to adapt quickly to teleworking. For social responsibility and with the company's workers, Parafina Comunicación voluntarily joined the recommendations that the Ministry of Health gave on the option of teleworking to curb Covid-19. 

It has been months of great uncertainty, and when the time has come to return to the office, having overcome the worst of the COVID-19 crisis and being well aware of the possibility of resurgences, measures have been taken to do so most safely and responsibly possible.

Sanitary protection kit for employees 

Following the recommendations of the Ministerio de Sanidad, our Prevention Service and adapting our risk assessment to the UNE 0066-19 specifications to reduce the risks of Covid-19 in the Tourism Sector, measures have been taken such as: delimiting and signposting work stations so that they are used exclusively by one worker and a minimum safety distance of 2 metres is maintained (allowing work without a mask), to move around the office a mask must be worn, hydroalcoholic gel, mask, gloves and biocides to disinfect surfaces have been made available to workers, the canteen and meeting room have been closed and special attention is paid to ventilation and the daily cleaning of the office.

A mixed formula has been adopted which is allowing a gradual return to the office.

Also, although initially teleworking was total, from June to August a mixed formula has been adopted which is allowing a gradual return to the office, giving time to readapt processes, internalize the physical distancing measures in the office, and is allowing family reconciliation.

In view of the return to work, which is planned after the holiday period, we are assessing the type of COVID-19 prevention training to be given to all members of the company, organizing the supply of PPE, producing information posters on the measures that have been decided at company level and working on a contingency plan for the office and for our events.

With responsibility and good planning, the return to face-to-face work seems possible today at Parafina Comunicación.

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